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According to Joan Collins, " lipstick is the best cosmetic that exists."

No woman can just have one lipstick. We will have many colors and shades to suit many occasions. Even when we already have the same color, we still buy more. That is the impact lipstick has on us.


When formulating a lipstick to be used with the standard form lipstick container, the melting point is normally higher than when using the slim or conventional lip balm tube. This is because the standard form lipstick container does not protect the lipstick from deforming. Lipstick can deform or break through daily usage, heat or when dropped on a hard surface. It can sometimes be difficult to produce a lipstick that is stable across a wide range of temperatures. Therefore, when formulating a lipstick, it is important to find a balance between the melting point value and the hardness.


The first step to creating your lipstick is to develop your lipstick base based on the outcome that you are looking for. It also has to go through various tests. Only when you are happy with the outcome of your lipstick base that you will create a variety of colors using the same base.


When creating shades of colors, accuracy is very important, especially when you are mixing colors yourself. It is important that you use a three-digit point scale (0.001) in order to be as accurate as possible. You can avoid color mixing mistakes by using a huge selection of premixed colorant available on the market.

Typical lipsticks are composed of:

1. Structuring agents

The most common structuring agents used in lipstick formulations are waxes which create good oil binding and stick strength.

2. Emollients

Emollients impact product application, color, spreading, cushion and shine and also can help disperse pigments.

3. Pigments

Adding a pre-dispersed liquid pigment to the formulation is easier than using powder pigments.

4. Other additives may include pearls/luster agents, matting agents, fragrance/flavor, preservatives/antioxidants and specialty ingredients.


Choosing the right color can enhance the color of your eyes and make them look bigger.

When you select the right color lipstick, it also helps to reduce any yellow tint of the teeth and makes your smile appear nice and bright. A well-formulated lipstick can also help protect your lips during the winter and smooth out cracked lips. And the best part about wearing lipstick is the psychological effect it has on you. You will feel more confident and powerful.

When creating your own lipstick, it is both fun and enjoyable.