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I love formulating products. That’s what I do most of the time. It requires a lot of reading, researching, sourcing, formulating, testing, more reading, more researching, more sourcing, more formulating, more testing. And the cycle keeps going.


In anything new that I venture into, I will do a lot of reading and researching. I will familiarize myself to a certain extent for my own satisfaction.


My journey of using shampoo bars started about 6 years ago (when this original blog was written in 2018) when I made a hot process shampoo bar from various oils and butters. It was a whole new chapter for me then and I loved using those shampoo bars and ACV rinses on my new curled hair as it gave my loose curls some definition unlike store bought products. This episode lasted for about 2 years and then somehow I went back to the regular drugstore shampoos.


Then I discovered a Lush shampoo bar, Jumping Juniper (to be exact). It smelled so nice and lathered very well, but that was it. It was the first and last bar. I don’t remember finishing the whole bar anyway. This was probably back in 2014. Then in mid 2017, my interest came back and I started my formulation in motion mode, the whole journey into buying the ingredients. And that was as far as I got until a few months ago, when a client of 4 years asked me about a shampoo bar. Suddenly I have a reason to get on the project, which I’ve shelved aside for almost a year.


With all that I had in hand, I went back to the drawing board….more reading, researching, the whole enchilada. I literally eat, sleep, and breathe nothing other than shampoo bar. I have formulated and reformulated a bunch of it, from good to not so good to total failure to total favourite.


The take-home message from this is that, when the time is right, you will get on it and take off. Until then, it is in the pipeline.


So what have I been up to lately? Formulating and testing a shampoo and conditioner bar for my permed, bleached, and colored (although there is not much color left since it is not a permanent color) battered hair.