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Oleogel Recipes, Gel-to-Milk Cleanser, Mask, Massage Gel

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Do you struggle to make Oleogel or also known as Gel-to-Milk Cleanser?
A simple formulas and more importantly the technic on how to make it. Oleogel is a multi-functional / multi-purpose product where you can use it as cleanser, mask, gel serum, massage gel and much more, simply by adding a few ingredients like jojoba beads, vitamins, extracts , etc. Make oleogel using Sucragel, Sodium surfactin, Sucrose stearate and Sapogel Q.

Know what ingredients to use and why you use them,  step-by-step instructions for every formula plus troubleshooting guide.

•A total of 21 formulas with step-by-step instructions including 5 basic formulas for beginners.
•16 formulas on oleogel including 2-in-1 scrub cleanser and 3-in-1 scrub cleanser cum mask.
3 BONUS formulas.
•Formula for Foaming Oleogel Cleanser.
•Formula for Transparent Oleogel .
2 videos on product making.
•Option to create a self-preserving product (preservative-free)
•Learn how to achieve a clear transparent Oleogel by calculating the RI value of your ingredients.
•Learn the trick on how to make successful Oleogel.
•Make Liquid Oil Cleanser with addition of water and achieve transparent product.
•Troubleshooting guide.
3 methods on how to save your failed Oleogel.
•Over 130 pages
•Suppliers’ list by region.
• and more

This is an ebook in pdf format. It is not a physical book. As such, the purchase is nonrefundable.. You can read it on your computer as well as print it. But do update your Adobe Reader printer driver if you want to print it.
You can make it for your families and friends, for holiday gifts, bridal shower, birthday, etc.
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We have made a minor changes to the file where videos are no longer embedded in the pdf but instead given as  a  youtube link. This is due to the changes in terms and conditions set by acrobat and flash player which will take effect by Dec 2020.

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