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The MASTERBOOK Solid Shampoo, Conditioner Bar and Leave-In Conditioner

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This is The Masterbook. The Ultimate one and Only book if you want to make solid shampoos and conditioners.

Just over 250 pages packed with NEW information.

We have covered quite extensively the hair section, including not just 1, not 2 but 6 hair typing systems used by cosmetic industry and scientists. We also cover hair physiology, aging hair, and more.

We included 10 pages on what does it takes to determine expiry date of your products.

All NEW 21 product formulas.
  • 10 shampoo bar formulas including 4 low surfactant formulas and 1 super low surfactant formula, never done before for solid shampoo!
  • 8 conditioner formulas with 5 different conditioning agents.
  • 3 exclusive cleansing conditioner bar formulas specifically formulated for colored hair, itchy scalp and hair volumizing.
We include a Bonus ASM Calculator in Excel format for your to calculate the total ASM in your shampoo plus know how much ASM used per hair wash.

One formula with clay, which is known to be notoriously difficult to preserve, that has passed the Microbial Test (PET) with Certificate of Analysis attached for your view.

All new 4 pages of list of suppliers around the world.

Bonus – 3 Leave-In Hair Conditioner formulas.

For more detail, check out all the pictures attached.

PS- This eBook is in English and we do not provide translation in your language for you. We have received bad review left by buyer simply because the person do not understand English.

File type - 1 PDF file and 1 Excel file. This is a digital product.  This is not a physical product.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (11MB)
  • XLSX (18KB)

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